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Identifying Gaps in Youth Employment Programs

September 9, 2022

National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC) released its report “Identifying Gaps in Youth Employment Programs’ Capacity to Address Youth Mental Health Needs.” NYEC, in partnership with its member agencies, youth providers, academic institutions, and other partners, deployed a national survey in March 2022 to understand the readiness of youth programs across the US to respond to the […]

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Victor Valentine Joins Nonprofit Board

August 12, 2022

National Human Services Assembly’s Executive Director, Victor Valentine, has joined the Board of Directors of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement. The Center’s mission is to strengthen, promote and represent nonprofit organizations through its membership model and offerings. Victor is pleased to join the diverse and dedicated board committed to strengthening nonprofits. The relationship presents an […]

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Investing in Our Workforce

August 12, 2022

As we head into our Centennial year of service in 2023, the National Human Services Assembly is increasing our focus on supporting the human service sector in the areas of infrastructure and capacity-building. Specifically, NHSA is convening our members and partners to identify actionable steps to rebuild the sector’s workforce and financial infrastructure through the […]

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Paving the Way for NHSA’s Centennial Celebration

July 14, 2022

In 1923, executives of twelve leading national social work organizations, who began regular monthly meetings in 1920, formally organized the National Social Work Council (NSWC)—the precursor to today’s National Human Services Assembly. Those visionary leaders saw then what it still true today—human services remains one of the most critical institutions for ensuring Americans can achieve […]

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Addressing Human Service Workforce Challenges at NHSA’s 2022 Annual Meeting… and Beyond

June 30, 2022

The National Human Services Assembly celebrated its 99th year by welcoming a new slate of executive officers, taking a look back at the previous year, and bringing together experts from around the country to discuss the sector’s current workforce crisis. A recording is available on our YouTube account. Among the elements covered were the adverse […]

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