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A Practical Implementation Guide

Building Well-Being: A New Narrative for Human Services

Reframing is a powerful communications strategy that carefully considers how storytelling choices, such as the specific values invoked and the metaphors used, influence the public’s perceptions and responses to a particular issue.

On the National Assembly’s behalf, FrameWorks Institute’s research identified what we call the Building Well-Being Narrative, a frame that significantly increases the public’s understanding and support of human services by:

The National Reframing Initiative developed this practical Implementation Guide to help human service organizations and allies fully integrate the Building Well-Being Narrative into their communications. The following modules offer user-friendly recommendations, strategies, and real-world examples for each step of the reframing process.

MODULE 1: Building the Case for Reframing – Understand the need for reframing and learn strategies to build organizational and stakeholder support.

MODULE 2: Implementing the Frame – Explore how to begin reframing your organization’s key communications.

MODULE 3: Sustaining Reframing – Discover steps to fully integrate reframing into communications and ensure reframing practices are consistent and ongoing.

MODULE 4: Engaging the Community – Gather tips for expanding the frame across your community through advocacy, mobilization, and coalitions.

For more guidance and support, read past Reframing Network Newsletters and visit FrameWorks’ Building A New Narrative on Human Services Toolkit.

This initiative has been generously funded by The Kresge Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Building the Case for Reframing

MODULE 1: Learn more about building the case for Reframing to gain support from key stakeholders, such as your CEO, board, and external partners.

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Implementing the Frame

MODULE 2: Learn how to do a thorough review and revision of organizational communications and materials once your organization is on board with Reframing.

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Sustaining Reframing

MODULE 3: Learn how to achieve sustainability by establishing Reframing as the lens through which to make communications, development, and policy decisions across the organization.

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Engaging the Community

MODULE 4: Learn how to understand and capitalize on the power and efficiencies of coalitions for advocacy objectives with reframing and achieve the benefits of formal collaboration.

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Learn about the important research supporting the National Reframing Initiative and the various implementation phases since its inception in 2012.

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Reframing Resource Library

Find tools, presentations, publications, implementation guides, news items, and more, all relating to the National Reframing Initiative.

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