National Human Services Assembly


About the National Human Services Assembly

The National Human Services Assembly (National Assembly) is a leading voice in the human service sector and promotes collaboration among engaged organizations to advance the collective power, knowledge, strategy, and systems that build well-being within individuals and our communities. The National Assembly is a Washington, DC-based association comprised of some of the largest nonprofit human service organizations in the United States. In aggregate, members and their affiliates and local service networks collectively touch, or are touched by, nearly every household in America—as consumers, donors, or volunteers.

In a role of member developer, National Assembly focuses on providing members with a robust set of programs, resources, and tools to strengthen organizations and to support the human service experts on staff. It is also committed to driving change in the human service sector through its public policy work and other initiatives. To stimulate shared learning and collaborative action, National Assembly convenes human service sector professionals in multiple national collaborations, initiatives, learning events, group purchasing, and more.


To strengthen health and human services in the United States through the active involvement and leadership of its members.


A connected and engaged nation that promotes and supports human services so all people can reach their potential and contribute to vibrant, thriving communities.


  1. Provide collective leadership to shape human service strategies inside the U.S.
  2. Serve as a catalyst for sharing resources for the purposes of individual/professional development and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Increase awareness of the importance of and trust in the nonprofit human service sector.

Human Services Build Well-Being

The organizations that comprise the human service sector share a common goal: to help bring out the full potential of everyone, so that all can contribute to our communities in meaningful ways. Through a diverse set of strategies, the human service sector helps people access and arrange the elements and materials essential for building sturdy structures of social, emotional, physical, and financial well-being.

Human service organizations bring a deep commitment and expertise to addressing complex societal challenges through thoughtful planning, research, advocacy, and program development. The work of human service organizations ranges widely from providing opportunities for young people to develop and learn, to supports that help adults with disabilities stay fully engaged in their communities, to places that foster social connections in later life. It also includes ways of shoring up well-being during life’s storms—such as the loss of a job or an unexpected illness—as well as ways to maintain or repair well-being, like preventative health and mental health services. The sector also provides advocacy for public policies and funding that support human services at local, state, and federal levels, as well as the research on these important issues to help make the case for policy and funding solutions and to inform planning and programming.

It is important to understand that the work of the human service sector affects all of us, collectively, both directly and indirectly, over the span of our lives. We know that when we support well-being, we ensure that all people can reach their full potential and contribute to our communities, making them vibrant, thriving places to live, work, and play.


Formally organized in 1923 and having celebrated its 100th year, the National Human Services Assembly has had an interesting history as a social welfare organization. Read the full history to see how the National Assembly has been integral to the work and has continue to be a leading voice in the sector.

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Key Leadership

The key leadership of staff members and the Board of Directors of the National Human Services Assembly support the organization in advancing the strategic goals that strengthen the human service sector and build well-being.

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Partners, Sponsors & Funders

The National Human Services Assembly is grateful to have on-going support from multiple partners, sponsors, and funders that make its work possible.

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The most recent financial documents, such as 990s and audited financial statements, are available for review by members, funders, and the public at-large.

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Careers & Internships

Looking to join the National Human Services Assembly’s team of passionate and amazingly-talented individuals that strive to build the collective well-being of the human service sector? View the current opportunities available.

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Check out National Assembly Today, our forum for the latest updates and research in the human service sector.
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Interested in Advocacy?

Are you a public policy professional in or around the DC area? Learn more about the National Assembly's public policy efforts, the Washington Policy Council, and getting involved in advocacy for the human service sector.

Focused on Equity

Learn more about the National Assembly's commitment to meaningful equity and inclusion work in the human service sector.