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Washington Policy Council

Washington Policy Council

The Washington Policy Council is a dynamic group of public policy leaders from the National Assembly’s member organizations. Together, these experts share knowledge, coordinate policy development, and collaborate to advance the human service sector’s common goal to ensure that all people can reach their full potential.

Members of the Washington Policy Council advocate for issues affecting:

  • Children & Young Adults—ensuring that all children and young adults reach their human potential and become contributing members of our country.
  • Families—ensuring that all families receive the social, emotional, and economic support they need to thrive.
  • Persons with Disabilities—ensuring that all persons with disabilities have the opportunity to reach their potential and to play a meaningful role in their communities.
  • Older Adults—ensuring that all older adults enjoy access to resources that enable them to remain active members of their communities and age with dignity.
  • Social Equity—ensuring that nonprofit human service organizations are empowered to build more equitable communities.
  • Federal Budget & Spending—protecting and cultivating robust funding for human services.
  • Federal Tax Policy—protecting and expanding federal tax incentives to contribute to nonprofit human service organizations; promoting civic advocacy while preserving the nonpartisan nature of nonprofit human service organizations in the federal tax code.

Advancing these issue areas will ensure that the human service sector continues to deliver life-long systems of support that give everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential and allow our nation to thrive.

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