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The Resources You Need for Reframing

The National Reframing Initiative builds broader and more robust civic support for human services to improve well-being for all people across their lifespan. Below you will find tools and publications, videos and presentations, news items, and more to help with integrating the National Reframing Initiative evidence-based strategy into your communications.

Tools and Publications

National Reframing Initiative Resources:
  • National Reframing Human Services Initiative One-Pager, 2018 – Learn about the background of the project and the tools available.
  • Reframing Network Newsletter – This bi-weekly publication offers practical tips for reframing, additional resources and explanations, and examples from the field.
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FrameWorks Institute Resources

The National Assembly commissioned FrameWorks to create a number of products to help disseminate their findings and recommendations throughout the human service sector.

In addition to the tools commissioned by the National Assembly, FrameWorks has a wealth of resources to help human service professionals more effectively engage audiences on a range of topics relevant to the sector. We encourage you to weave these evidence-based, tailored recommendations into your communications.

Videos and Presentations

The National Reframing Initiative conducts regular in-person and on-line presentations about reframing for human service staff, partners, funders, and the general public. Explore the following videos and webinars to learn about framing in general, reframing promising practices, and strategies to integrate the new Building Well-Being Narrative into human service communications.


Reframing in the News

The National Reframing Initiative is committed to sparking the widespread understanding and use of reframed language and concepts. The Initiative and language on reframing for human services have been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, journals, and blogs of diverse scope. We look forward to furthering the conversation on reframing through the media to reach the greater public. For media inquiries, please contact Michelle Sims.


This initiative is generously funded by The Kresge Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Using the New Frame

Explore steps for integrating the Building Well-Being Narrative into your communications, as well as some helpful tips, tricks, and samples for implementation are outlined here.

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