National Human Services Assembly

Videos and Presentations

Videos and Presentations to Support Your Work in Reframing

The National Reframing Initiative has conducted several presentations about reframing for human service staff, partners, funders, and the general public. Explore the following videos and webinars to learn about framing in general, reframing promising practices, and strategies to integrate the new Building Well-Being Narrative into human service communications.

This initiative has been generously funded by The Kresge Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Tools and Publications

Access resources from both the National Reframing Initiative and the FrameWorks Institute to support your reframing work, including reports, newsletters, and toolkits.

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Reframing in the News

Discover how the National Reframing Initiative and human services reframing concepts have been featured in newspapers, magazines, journals, and more.

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Using the Frame

Overview: Explore steps for integrating the Building Well-Being Narrative into your communications, as well as some helpful tips, tricks, and samples for implementation are outlined here.

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Get Involved

Find ways to engage with and implement that National Reframing Initiative at your organization.

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