National Human Services Assembly

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The Latest in Human Service Policy

The National Assembly focuses on a variety of policy and advocacy issue areas, most notably in the youth, intergenerational, disabilities, and aging space. However, at certain times and in certain political environments, we may choose to devote special interest and efforts toward a policy topic that affects the human service sector at-large or the broader nonprofit community.

Johnson Amendment

The National Human Services Assembly is proud to stand with our fellow nonprofits to fight for the Johnson Amendment to remain intact, which is crucial to helping the human service sector build and maintain well-being in our communities in a space where we can be free of partisan politics.

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Immigration Policy

The National Human Services Assembly recognizes that immigration is an important component of our nation’s well-being and supports a practical approach to immigration policy that helps everyone reach their full potential.

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2020 Census

Over 300 programs that help lay the foundation for strong communities rely on accurate census data for funding. An inaccurate census count threatens well-being by compromising funding for federal programs, including many critical human services.

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Higher Education Act

The National Assembly supports reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA) that makes college education affordable, provides opportunities for students to become high-quality educators themselves, and incentivizes careers in public service.

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National Reframing Initiative

Build public support for human services so that all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to thriving communities.

Celebrating 100 years of service!

This year, we are turning 100 years old. Read more on the NHSA blog and look for our Centennial Celebration date to be announced.