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There are two types of membership: Regular and Associate.

  • Regular (Full) Membership: An organization eligible for Regular Membership has all of the following characteristics: it is national in scope, nonprofit, and substantially focused on providing human services.
  • Associate Membership: An organization eligible for Associate Membership is also national in scope, nonprofit, and shares an interest in human services and/or nonprofit management and leadership. The organization may not be primarily focused on meeting human service needs. (Note: An organization qualified for Regular Membership shall not be considered eligible for Associate Membership.)

An organization wishing to become a member also supports the mission of the National Assembly, agrees to participate actively in collaborative learning and action efforts (those that are relevant to its own mission and operations), and agrees to pay its membership dues (based on a formula for Regular Members and a sliding scale for Associate Members).

Why Join?

For organizations that are, or aspire to be, leaders in the sector, the National Assembly is the only forum focused specifically on the unique learning and networking needs of national nonprofit human service organizations, and creates an engaged network for building partnerships, advancing the sector, and addressing the challenges that require cross-organizational boundaries. Membership comes with a variety of benefits.  See an overview of membership with the National Assembly.

National nonprofit human services organizations that aren’t already members of the National Assembly are missing out!

How to Join?

To apply to join the National Assembly, send a note of inquiry to

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