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Addressing Human Service Workforce Challenges at NHSA’s 2022 Annual Meeting… and Beyond

June 30, 2022

The National Human Services Assembly celebrated its 99th year by welcoming a new slate of executive officers, taking a look back at the previous year, and bringing together experts from around the country to discuss the sector’s current workforce crisis. A recording is available on our YouTube account. Among the elements covered were the adverse […]

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New NHSA Executive Officers Announced

June 23, 2022

We are proud to present the newly elected slate of Executive Officers of the Board of Directors of the National Human Services Assembly, who will serve for a two-year term. See our complete list of board members. Chair: Darlyne Bailey, Bryn Mawr College Co-Vice Chairs: Monisha Kapila, ProInspire and Mala Thakur, MDC Secretary: Denise Harlow, National Community Action […]

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New Equity Resources

June 16, 2022

Avoiding the Glass Cliff BoardSource and Building Movement Project developed a new resource, “Avoiding the Glass Cliff: Advice to Boards on Preparing for and Supporting a New Leader of Color.” The report offers insight and advice for boards about how to help avoid these pitfalls, both leading up to a transition and after a new […]

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The Current State of the Human Service Workforce – Part 2

June 14, 2022

This piece is Part 2 of 2 from the National Human Services Assembly series entitled, “The Current State of the Human Service Workforce,” running in the month of June and culminating with a panel discussion at our 2022 Annual Meeting. It explores the many contributing dynamics to the talent crisis the sector faces and was developed […]

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Chronicle Quotes Valentine in “The Nonprofit Hiring Crisis”

June 7, 2022

Victor Valentine, NHSA Executive Director, was quoted in The Chronicle of Philanthropy article titled, “The Nonprofit Hiring Crisis.” The article examines the nonprofit workforce issue across the country and hones in on some key issues for the human service sector. Excerpt: “Health and human-service groups have always had a hard time recruiting people for low-paying […]

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