PurchasingPoint newsletter

Commitment to Diversity in Purchasing

October 28, 2020

A key benefit of PurchasingPoint is that the program provides simple ways to increase diversity in your organization’s purchasing. You can (1) search for certified MWSDVE vendors on the PurchasingPoint portal and (2) for additional help, contact Purchasing Point Customer Support online.

PurchasingPoint is strengthened by our partnership with HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG) given the company’s commitment to supplier diversity and inclusion practices. For over 20 years, HPG’s Supplier Diversity Program has proactively worked with minority, woman and service-disabled veteran enterprises (MWSDVEs) to identify and contract for products and services for members.

With more than 75 diverse suppliers on contract, the program is recognized as one of the most successful in the healthcare industry and has a goal of ensuring that the vendor base of its members reflects the diversity of the communities they serve. Vendors like Insight Direct (IT/technology), Guy-Brown (office equipment, furniture & supplies), American Diversity Business Solutions (promotional products), Cushion (employer services), and Ewing (moving & storage) are some of the MWSDVEs that are part of the program.

Additionally, HPG expects its vendors to have their own diversity programs for identifying contracting opportunities with MWSDV businesses, defined as companies that are at least 51 percent owned by a minority, woman or service-disabled veteran individual who also controls management and daily operations. For example, prominent vendors like Staples, FedEx, Konica Minolta, Johnson Controls, and CDW all have their own supplier diversity programs.

HPG data illustrates the growing commitment that member organizations like yours have to supporting MWSDVEs in your communities. By making intentional and proactive choices in supplier diversity, we are strengthening our communities and ensuring the well-being of all with our purchasing practices.