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Business Collaboration in the Age of Remote Workers

April 25, 2019

Companies are noticing that if they want to be an attractive destination for job seekers, they need to create flexible work environments that prioritize getting work done over spending long hours in the office. Roughly 63% of companies today have some form of remote workers, which isn’t surprising. Today’s employees would rather spend 30 minutes catching up on emails than sitting in traffic.

With that said, it’s important to make sure that you’re not putting business collaboration on the back burner. For teams to be effective, their individual members need to be aligned and working efficiently towards a common goal – in fact, 86% of employees and execs cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures. Companies now have to strike a pretty difficult balance; create flexible work environments without disrupting communication and collaboration between employees. If you’re able to get this right, you make yourself a more appealing place to work for existing and potential employees – not to mention, you can save some money on office space in the process. Excerpt from Votacall’s blog—Read the full story.

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