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New Equity Resources

June 16, 2022

Avoiding the Glass Cliff

BoardSource and Building Movement Project developed a new resource, “Avoiding the Glass Cliff: Advice to Boards on Preparing for and Supporting a New Leader of Color.” The report offers insight and advice for boards about how to help avoid these pitfalls, both leading up to a transition and after a new leader is hired. Read the report and consider what steps your organization and board can take to create a stronger, more equitable organization for all.

Toward a More Equitable Future

Leadership that reflects the full diversity and genius of our communities, sectors, identities, and lived experiences matters more than ever. “Toward A More Equitable Tomorrow: A Landscape Analysis of Early Childhood Leadership,” created by Ascend at the Aspen Institute, the report uncovers the essentials for future leadership investments that value and center equity—especially racial equity and inclusion—to surface new possibilities and equitable prosperity moving forward. Stakeholders, including state and federal cabinet directors, service providers, funders, and parents, offer powerful perspectives to guide both the future early childhood field and those who seek to accelerate families’ well-being, educational success, and economic mobility.