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Read – Pause – Think – React – Message From the CEO

August 29, 2019

A while back, I participated on a panel of “seasoned” nonprofit executives presenting to a group of young professionals in a leadership development program. Eager for “expert” advice, during the Q & A, one of the emerging leaders asked the panelists: “What advice would you give us about managing communications and relationships in the workplace?”

Each of the three of us on the panel had an opportunity to respond. A number of good thoughts were shared. At my turn, I focused on the enhanced immediacy of our digital age and how difficult it can be to take back something said and shared. My advice was simple: If you receive an email that causes you distress or anger, wait 24 hours before you respond.

In the age of Twitter, the urge is great to react in the moment. By tomorrow, we’ll be multiple news cycles later and no one will care. We watch as many public figures engage in “Twitter wars,” much to our entertainment and dismay. But there are real consequences to this type of instant, emotion-laden response. If we adopt that rhythm of communications in our professional lives, we will, not only, create personal conflict, but also damage our organizations. Better to read – pause – think – and then respond.

Lee Sherman, President & CEO

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