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Race To Lead: Trading Glass Ceilings for Glass Cliffs

January 28, 2022

Building Movement Project (BMP) released another Race to Lead report, “Trading Glass Ceilings for Glass Cliffs,” focused on the experiences of nonprofit leaders of color. It provides data on the added demands on executive directors of identity-based organizations, the challenges that BIPOC leaders face when taking over from white predecessors, and other realities of being a leader of color in the nonprofit sector. This report demonstrates that the proverbial glass cliff is an all-too-common reality for leaders of color in the nonprofit sector and affirms that ascending to an executive position does not end a leader’s struggles with racism.


Also see the article, “As Nonprofit Leaders Pass the Baton, Let’s Use This Moment to Close the Race Gap” about the report and co-authored by NHSA Board Member and BMP Co-Executive Director, Frances Kunreuther, that appeared in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.