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Paving the Way for NHSA’s Centennial Celebration

July 14, 2022

In 1923, executives of twelve leading national social work organizations, who began regular monthly meetings in 1920, formally organized the National Social Work Council (NSWC)—the precursor to today’s National Human Services Assembly. Those visionary leaders saw then what it still true today—human services remains one of the most critical institutions for ensuring Americans can achieve the highest quality of life. As NHSA concludes its 99th year providing guidance and support to millions of Americans through its vast network of providers, stakeholders and investors, the coming year will mark a seminal achievement for those of us who strive to continue the standard of excellence those original twelve leaders established. Over the next few months, please pay close attention to the highlights, convening opportunities and valuable information we will share. We hope you will be inspired by the outstanding work our members and their organizations are conducting in nearly every community across our nation and find time to join us on this journey!