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New NHSA Executive Officers Announced

June 23, 2022

We are proud to present the newly elected slate of Executive Officers of the Board of Directors of the National Human Services Assembly, who will serve for a two-year term. See our complete list of board members.

Chair: Darlyne Bailey, Bryn Mawr College

Co-Vice Chairs: Monisha Kapila, ProInspire and Mala Thakur, MDC

Secretary: Denise Harlow, National Community Action Partnership

Treasurer: Susan Schmidt, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance


Pictured left to right: Darlyne Bailey, Bryn Mawr College (Chair); Monisha Kapila, ProInspire (Co-Vice Chair); Mala Thakur, MDC (Co-Vice Chair); Denise Harlow, National Community Action Partnership (Secretary); and Susan Schmidt, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (Treasurer)