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The Center of the Universe – Message From the CEO

April 16, 2018

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Copernicus. You remember him. The 16th century astronomer and mathematician who while spending his time gazing at the stars was actually such a keen observer of our solar system that he proposed the truly revolutionary notion that the earth is not the center of our system of planets and stars. This premise was met with a fair amount of resistance, particularly from the theologians who had a vested interest in God’s terrestrial creation as the focal point of all being. Copernicus was not a heretic, he just used his senses and intelligence to assimilate the facts he was presented and to develop a highly defensible scientific theory.

Regardless of our interest in the solar system, there is much to be learned from Copernicus. Too often these days, perspectives seem to be heavily focused on how things relate to “me” or “us” and not on the connections throughout a greater whole. This lack of empathy drives an unhealthy emphasis on what comes “first” and little attention to what comes second and third and on and on. How can we build community well-being when we only concentrate on the “first” as if it is the center?
We need to be open to new perspectives. We need to think less about ourselves or our subgroup as the center, and more about the implications of what we say and do on all of those to whom we are connected, even those beyond our immediate sight. Maybe all the planets and the sun don’t really revolve around the earth.

Lee Sherman, President & CEO