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Interim Leadership During Transition – Sector Leadership Spot

August 10, 2020

By Janice Frey-Angel

It takes a progressive thinking board of directors to understand that they need time to do their most important task of choosing the next leader for their organization.  

When there has been a long-term leader or an organization is re-examining its role and purpose, the decision to take Interim Leadership is often the best step forward. It gives the board time to consider where the organization is going and what kind of leadership they need to get them there. It also provides the board with objective information, given by a professional with experience and a fresh set of eyes that helps them make those important decisions. In addition, there may be some cleanup work needed to be done so that the new leader can start their tenure with a clean slate and move forward. Often the organization needs time to rebuild and situate themselves in the best possible light to attract the best candidates for the permanent position. All these tasks can be done by an interim executive who works for the board and staff to get them in the best place possible. 

In addition to leadership transition, like all of you, the National Assembly has had to reorganize ourselves as a result of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on our staff, members, business model and, most importantly, on the people all our members serve. Our Policy work and Reframing, with a focus on equity, pivoted quickly to focus on the issues that were most pressing for our members. We have adjusted to working remotely and are designing the future of the organization during uncertain times. Even in times of crisis, an interim executive can have the experience, skills, and mind-set to approaching change and uncertaintthat can be a welcome asset for an organization. Interim leadership is just another resource for nonprofits during crisis, transition, and times of change.

Janice Frey-Angel currently serves as the Interim President and CEO of National Human Services Assembly and National Assembly Business services. Previously, she has been CEO of several nonprofit organizations, and her training is as a clinical social worker with a background in mental health, family therapy, disability services, domestic violence, and crisis intervention. Most recently, she serves as Interim CEO for nonprofits in leadership transition through the group Interim Executives, providing an objective and extensive assessment of the organization to the board of directors and providing leadership and innovative solutions to enable the mission to be sustainable.