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Advancing Equity in Juvenile Justice

October 21, 2021

New Data on Youth Incarceration

The Sentencing Project released a new report, “Black Disparities in Youth Incarceration,” showing the racial inequities that still exist in our juvenile justice system. Despite long-term declines in youth incarceration, the disparity at which black and white youth are held in juvenile facilities has grown. Black youth are more than four times as likely to be detained or committed in juvenile facilities as their white peers, according to nationwide data collected in October 2019 and recently released.


Rethinking the Role of the Juvenile Justice System

Rethinking the Role of the Juvenile Justice System: Improving Youth’s School Attendance and Educational Outcomes” summarizes key findings from an unprecedented research study conducted by The Council of State Governments Justice Center on the impact of juvenile justice system involvement—particularly probation—on school attendance in South Carolina, and challenges jurisdictions across the country to reconsider whether system involvement is the most appropriate and effective way to promote youth’s school success.