Reframing newsletter

Tax Messages that Work

November 16, 2017

Congress is moving quickly on legislation to overhaul the tax code, with serious short and long-term implications for human services and the communities that we serve. As discussed in the October 5th newsletter, the connection between tax policy and our nation’s ability to foster the full potential of all of our residents is not clear or obvious to most people. The National Human Services Assembly (NHSA) developed talking points to help foster a deeper understanding among the public and Members of Congress about what is at stake for our communities in the current tax policy debate.

NHSA Framed Tax Talking Points“Building Our Collective Well-Being with Forward Looking Public Budgets” weaves together the FrameWorks Institute’s extensive research on taxes and on human services to articulate a vision for tax policies that will strengthen our nation now and in the future by building and maintaining economic, physical, mental, and emotional well-being at every stage of life. Thank you to Julie Sweetland at FrameWorks for her much appreciated guidance and feedback as NHSA developed this resource.

NHSA is urging human service organizations to reach out to their Members of Congress this week to express opposition to the tax bills moving through the House and Senate. We hope that advocates will rely on these talking points in their communications over the next critical days and weeks of the legislative process.

Download the Reframed Talking Points