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Johnson Amendment Threatened Again

June 1, 2018

Last Thursday, the House Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) passed its Fiscal Year 2019 appropriations bill. The legislation includes a policy rider, identical to the one included in the FY18 bill, that would effectively prohibit the IRS from enforcing the Johnson Amendment against churches. Thanks to advocacy by many of your organizations, that effort to weaken the Johnson Amendment ultimately failed, but we need your help once again.

The protections afforded to nonprofits by the Johnson Amendment allow the sector to focus on mission-related work that ensures everyone has what they need to thrive. Over time, this has made nonprofits and the human service sector a go-to source for expert advice, research, and programs, while generating deep public trust in nonprofits’ abilities to provide solutions to our toughest problems.

Take Action

Your organization’s voice is crucial to maintaining the public trust that the human service sector has earned through nonpartisan advocacy and bipartisan solutions that build community well-being.

  1. If your organization hasn’t already, sign the Community Letter in support of nonprofit nonpartisanship.
  2. Use NHSA’s talking points and call your Senators and Representative at 202-225-3121 to urge them to oppose Section 112 of the FSGG FY2019 appropriations bill.

Please do not hesitate to contact Brandon Toth for additional information.