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The National Reframing Initiative's Training and Technical Assistance

Stories have the power to engage people and compel them to action, but not just any story will do. Some of the human service sector’s most entrenched communications patterns are actually holding the public back from a deeper commitment to our work. The National Assembly has developed a suite of presentations, workshops, in-depth trainings, and implementation consultations to help the human service sector and our allies successfully and sustainably implement the FrameWorks Institute’s research-based communications strategies.

Presentation and Workshop Series

The National Assembly’s presentations and workshops are designed to equip participants with the tools and skills they need to integrate the FrameWorks Institute’s findings and recommendations on reframing human services into their organizations’ communications. Presentations are tailored to meet the needs of specific audiences, including human service leaders and staff, board members, coalitions, community partners, funders, and policymakers.

  • Reframing Keynotes, Presentations & Webinars

30 minutes to 2 hours

The National Assembly’s reframing keynotes and presentations, either in-person or remote by webinar, engage audience members in a growing movement to build greater public support for the vital work of human services through intentional, research-based narrative shifts. The format of these presentations is meant to be a shorter introduction to reframing and is designed to drive awareness in the evidence-based approach to communications, while giving participants a basic understanding of how to use the frame.

  • Changing the Narrative for Human Services (Level 1 Reframing Workshop)

3 to 4 hours

In this dynamic workshop, the National Assembly leads participants through hands-on activities designed to ground participants in the findings of the FrameWorks Institute’s multi-year research project. Topics covered include the current misperceptions that dominate the public’s views on human services, communications traps to avoid, and FrameWorks’ recommendations for the sector. Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of the new narrative and how to apply it, its importance in long-term communications, and the online tools and resources available to support implementation.

  • Building Momentum for Narrative Change (Level 2 Reframing Workshop)

3 to 4 hours

Participants of the Level 1 workshop reconvene to deepen their reframing skills. The curriculum includes exercises focused on applying the full frame to the participant’s priority communications, and approaches for addressing challenges beyond the frame’s narrative such as tone, use of data, translating jargon, the inclusion of individuals in stories, and fostering long-term implementation of reframing at their organizations.


The National Assembly’s reframing consultations are customized to meet each organization’s unique needs and priorities. Examples include offering guidance on creating well-framed campaigns, providing feedback on priority communications, and building a comprehensive reframing implementation strategy for your organization or coalition.

To request a presentation, training, or consultation, please contact Bridget Gavaghan, National Reframing Initiative Director.


This initiative is generously funded by The Kresge Foundation.

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