HR Council – This Too Must Change: How to Thrive During the ‘Turnover Tsunami’ (Q1 2022)

March 8, 2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The ‘turnover tsunami’ and ‘great resignation’ are certain to have long-term impacts on the human service sector. How this workforce phenomenon presents risk for your organization depends largely on your response and recognition to systemic problems today. As organizations scramble to fill vacancies, ‘business as usual’ in the HR function is not a viable option.

Join the virtual forum to hear from Co-Chair Melanie Lockwood Herman (Board of Directors, NHSA; Executive Director, Nonprofit Risk Management Center) and learn ways to institute bold changes that human service agencies must consider to recruit and retain qualified talent to support their missions.


NHSA’s Peer Councils are networks of senior leaders from among its members, partners and field experts to facilitate shared learning across organizations; bring emerging best practices, policy and research to light; and advocate for systems-wide changes to advance the human service sector. To learn more about participating in or joining the council, please contact Melissa Reifler.