How to Support a Multi-Generational Workforce – DEI Peer Council (Q2 2023)

May 17, 2023 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


In this second of two sessions, join council Co-Chair Monisha Kapila (Founder and Co-CEO, ProInspire) and Victor Valentine (Executive Director, NHSA) for a follow up conversation on the challenges and opportunities of navigating a multi-generational workforce.

How is your organization tackling the impact of remote work and supporting the wellbeing of a multi-generational workforce?

Participants will be invited to share their thoughts on the generational impacts of different work styles in a shifting environment that includes hybrid and remote work, as well as navigating wellbeing across generations.

It remains the goal of the DEI Council to share resources and advice, and to support each other as we identify solutions to the current inequities inhibiting our work. Register today for this interactive meeting.

NHSA’s Peer Councils are networks of senior leaders from among its members, partners and field experts to facilitate shared learning across organizations; bring emerging best practices, policy and research to light; and advocate for systems-wide changes to advance the human service sector.