Getting Your Board on Board with DEI Work (DEI Council Q4 2022)

November 16, 2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

We invite you to join us virtually for our last DEI Peer Council Meeting of 2022: Getting Your Board on Board with DEI Work.

How engaged is your board of directors in your DEI work? Do they understand its importance? Are they helping to lead your organization’s efforts?

Having your board understand and embrace an organizations’ DEI agenda—and actively engage in and promote the work—is essential to the success of DEI initiatives. Please join Council Co-Chairs Monisha Kapila (Board of Directors, NHSA; Founder and Co-CEO, ProInspire) and Victor Valentine (Executive Director, NHSA) for a working session on strategies for engaging a board that embraces and leads on DEI work.

Participants will be invited to share specific DEI strategies and issues council members are facing in their organizations. It remains the goal of the DEI Peer Council to share resources, advice, and support each other as we identify solutions to the current inequities inhibiting our work.

Join us for this interactive session and lend your voice, concerns and solutions as we learn from and support each other in this important work.


NHSA’s Peer Councils are networks of senior leaders from among its members, partners and field experts to facilitate shared learning across organizations; bring emerging best practices, policy and research to light; and advocate for systems-wide changes to advance the human service sector. To learn more about participating in or joining the council, please contact Melissa Reifler.