APHSA National Health & Human Services 2019 Summit

Arlington, VA
May 19 - 22, 2019

In 2019, APHSA is elevating critical policy discussions and providing an opportunity for collective conversations with the Administration and Congress for a shared path forward for a modern, responsive and effective human service system. APHSA’s members are committed to a human services system focused on:

  • Child and family well-being
  • Employment and economic well-being
  • Improved population health

This year’s National Summit is designed to showcase transformation efforts underway across the nation focusing on:

  • Operational Optimization
  • Healthier Communities Through Prevention
  • Policy and Practice Solutions for Family and Community Well-Being
  • Equity

At the APHSA National HHS Summit you can:

  • Participate in series of workshops and sessions encompassing a diverse set of topics ranging from policy to research to state and local initiatives
  • Engage in valuable discussions around innovation and transformation
  • Access to a wide range of thought leaders
  • Expand your skills and knowledge base
  • Meet industry leading experts and connect with your peers

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*Event not hosted by the National Assembly.