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Executive Director Opening

Seeking an Executive Director

The National Assembly’s opportunities are both exciting and challenging. In late 2019, the Board brought on an Interim Executive Director to support the organization with restructuring and refocusing its work. As part of that process, the National Assembly has entered into a partnership agreement with the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (NAHH), a member of the association and the premier science-based and community-driven organization that focuses on the best health for all. Under the Agreement, NAHH is providing management and administrative supports and services which will enable the incoming Executive Director to set a vision and forge the organization’s future with the infrastructure support of a larger organization.

Over the past seven years, the National Assembly has been focused on four major goals: reframing and reinventing human services; strengthening the effectiveness of the sector and its members; leveraging the influence, power, and leadership of the membership; and increasing organizational sustainability. The organization’s work has been supported by grants from national foundations and revenue generated through National Assembly Business Services.

At this critical point in our nation where demands on human services organizations are higher than ever and racial inequities are amplified, the Board sees four key priorities for the organization:

  • Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the human services sector – This could include new initiatives geared toward improving the diversity of leadership on the boards of directors and in senior leadership of human services nonprofits, equity in leadership, management and operations, and enhancing the human services sector’s role in advancing social justice.  It may also build on past activities like the Boys and Men of Color Thought Leadership Convening and the National Collaboration of Youth to support the field with taking meaningful action.
  • Strengthening its membership – This includes revisiting the membership model, engaging current members and new members with programming and services that meet current needs.
  • Building on the National Assembly Business Services (NABS) – This unique group-purchasing program is a service to members and provides a revenue stream to support the organization’s work.
  • Leveraging collective voices – Bringing key members together to influence policy priorities.
  • Catalyzing investment in the human services field – This includes building on the reframing work elevating human services issues nationally, making the case for investing in the sector

The Executive Director will be a dynamic, entrepreneurial leader, eager to roll up their sleeves in guiding the organization through this important period. They will partner closely with the Board of Directors of the National Assembly and report to the Chair of the Board. They will work closely with staff based in Washington, DC (who are all working remotely for the foreseeable future), Senior Vice President at National Alliance for Hispanic Health, as well as Assembly members, partners and funders across the country. The Executive Director will guide the work of three staff members.

The Executive Director will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for the organization, including:

  • Vision and Leadership
  • Staff Development and Management
  • Membership Engagement and Growth
  • Resource Development and Fundraising
  • Finance and Operations
  • External Partnerships

We know that candidates will be stronger in some areas of this role than others. Please don’t let that stop you from applying! We are committed to supporting the new Executive Director by leveraging the active Board’s role and the support provided by the National Alliance for Hispanic Health based on the individual’s strengths.

Why should you work with us
At the National Assembly, we believe in equity as a core principle, fostering collaboration, and supporting individuals and communities to reach their full potential. We are a small team that believes in flexibility, autonomy, and trust to achieve our goals.

All full-time staff members at the National Assembly receive:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Competitive benefits package including health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and annual retirement contribution
  • Vacation

Compensation for this position ranges from $140,000 to $160,000, depending on the individual’s experience in similar roles.

Our preference is that the Executive Director will be based in the Washington DC region. You are able to work virtually, but would need to be in the DC area regularly once in-person meetings are allowed given the number of members and policy activities happening.


This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who possesses both the vision to inspire and the skills to lead an organization into its next phase of growth and impact. While no one person may embody all of the qualities below, the ideal candidate will bring a range of abilities, attributes and experiences.

What we are looking for:

  • You have a deep, passionate commitment to advancing social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion in society through the work of nonprofit organizations
  • You have 7+ years of relevant experience
  • You are comfortable operating in uncharted territory and in ambiguous environments
  • You bring integrity, humility, resilience, and an entrepreneurial spirit to advancing the National Human Services Assembly’s mission
  • You are a hands-on leader with a proven track record of success with start-up of an organization or program, taking things from idea to execution, including setting a vision, getting buy-in, and making it happen
  • You are a strong relationship builder, comfortable engaging with executives of major organizations and foundations and building consensus and meaningful partnerships
  • You authentically dive into work about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and are able to speak from your lived experience
  • You are able to implement ideas that you bring, as well as plans that are currently being advanced by the board and staff
  • You have experience with fundraising and budgeting
  • You have strong oral and written communication skills
  • You are excited about how to think creatively in leveraging the funding source from the National Assembly Business Services (NABS)
  • You understand how federal, state, and local policy levers impact human services
  • You have experience managing people, engaging their participation in decision-making, and supporting them in their growth
  • You are able to engage multiple stakeholders and build alignment around key strategic questions
  • Experience with membership organizations, networks, or coalitions

The National Human Services Assembly, an association of the nation’s leading national nonprofits in the fields of health, human and community development, and human services, envisions “a just and caring nation which effectively addresses the development and care of its citizens” and seeks to realize its vision through bringing together its members to shape dialogue and build capacity for the sector.

With roots that date back to a 1920 meeting of twelve of executives of the leading national social work organizations, the National Assembly evolved to address problems facing the social welfare community throughout the century.  Highlights of the National Assembly’s role throughout history include: the establishment of the American War Committee Services; the formation of the Young Adult Council in 1948 which today has become the National Collaboration for Youth; the publishing of the Standards of Accounting and Financial Reporting for Voluntary Health and Welfare Organizations, with the National Health Council in 1974; the formation of a web-portal in the late 1990s, the National Youth Development Information Center, (now merged with SparkAction) that not only provides youth agencies and their workers easy access to information on youth programs but engages youth too; and a partnership background check program in 2002 for members to perform background checks on volunteers. By 1965 the National Assembly (at that time called the National Social Welfare Assembly), was recognized for its role working across the social welfare sector to define and study problems of broad social policy affecting the needs of people and to plan action to meet these needs and, also, to serve national organizations and local communities in developing effective programs, operations, and administration in the field of social welfare. For more information about the history and programs of the National Assembly, please visit

Today, the National Assembly consists of roughly 50 national organizations which together with their local service networks collectively touch or are touched by nearly every household in America—as consumers of services, donors, or volunteers. They comprise a $32 billion sector that employs some 800,000 workers, operating from over 100,000 locations. A full list of members can be found here:


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